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Karim Rahemtulla

Chief Resource Analyst

Author of the bestselling book, Where In the World Should I Invest?, Karim Rahemtulla has covered international markets and the global movements of money for over 20 years.

With an expertise in emerging markets and energy, he's regarded as one of the country's foremost resource and developing world analysts. Educated in England, Canada and the United States, Karim is fluent in several languages. His undergraduate studies were completed in Economics/Foreign Languages, and his graduate coursework was completed in Finance.

Karim is also regarded as the country’s foremost innovator in options trading, with strategies ranging from income to aggressive speculation. On such merits, he travels the world regularly, seeking out the best investment opportunities, and is a featured speaker at more than a dozen frontline conferences, annually.

December 2014

Tech Saves U.S. Oil

By - December 18, 2014

The oil price saga continues with the oil minister of the UAE firmly stating that it won’t cut back production, even if oil prices are at $60 or even $40 per barrel. The oil markets are taking this threat seriously,?

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OPEC’s Losing Strategy

By - December 16, 2014

Americans better fill up their gas tanks now, because oil prices are going back up soon. Oil broke through $70 per barrel, just as I predicted. Prices may continue to drop to around $50 briefly, but the ultimate resting point?

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Earn Income From the Energy Crash

By - December 11, 2014

If you mention oil or gas stocks to energy investors, you’re apt to get a big eye roll. Prices for commodities are plunging, and it takes a brave soul to venture out looking for bargains. With that said, there are?

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Insider Buying Key to Beating Oil Crash

By - December 9, 2014

By watching the insiders, Karim Rahemtulla discovered the key moves investors need to make to beat the oil price crash.

The Best Oil and Gas Global Play

By - December 4, 2014

Many companies are struggling to survive the oil price war raging between OPEC and the United States. Some will make it out alive, though wounded, and some will fall. With all the players on the field during this tumultuous time,?

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How Low Will Oil Prices Go?

By - December 2, 2014

Oil prices plunged below $70 on Thanksgiving Day last week. Wall Street Daily readers know that I have been writing about this inevitable drop since July 2013. It’s an early present for economies that aren’t dependent on oil and gas for the?

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Fracking Industry Finds a New Savior

By - December 1, 2014

Carbon dioxide is harmful to the atmosphere and the leading cause of pollution. Even countries like China and India recognize that they need to reduce their carbon footprints. Still, few countries are willing to give up coal as it’s the?

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