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Karim Rahemtulla

Chief Resource Analyst

Author of the bestselling book, Where In the World Should I Invest?, Karim Rahemtulla has covered international markets and the global movements of money for over 20 years.

With an expertise in emerging markets and energy, he's regarded as one of the country's foremost resource and developing world analysts. Educated in England, Canada and the United States, Karim is fluent in several languages. His undergraduate studies were completed in Economics/Foreign Languages, and his graduate coursework was completed in Finance.

Karim is also regarded as the country’s foremost innovator in options trading, with strategies ranging from income to aggressive speculation. On such merits, he travels the world regularly, seeking out the best investment opportunities, and is a featured speaker at more than a dozen frontline conferences, annually.

July 2014

Why Germany’s Win Sent Brazil Stocks Higher

By - July 25, 2014

Soccer fans around the globe were dumbfounded by the shellacking that Brazil took in the World Cup semifinals against Germany. Once the final 7-to-1 score was posted – officially making it the worst loss by a host country in the…

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Permian Basin Exhibits Unstoppable Growth

By - July 23, 2014

The Permian Basin is easily the most prolific oil-producing area in the United States right now. The region gets its name from fossils that date back to the Permian age, which were first reported by geologists in 1858. Little did…

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North Dakota Oil Drillers

By - July 17, 2014

By the end of the year, oil companies in North Dakota will be facing a tough decision. As I mentioned on Tuesday, oil drilling in the Bakken generates natural gas as a by-product, which companies are simply burning off into the atmosphere.…

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Six Top Firms to Play the Ongoing Energy Boom

By - July 16, 2014

The monster year for the U.S. energy sector in 2013 set the stage for an even bigger blowout in 2014. And that’s exactly what’s happening, especially in the natural gas industry. Higher natural gas prices have led to recent 52-week…

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Natural Gas Industry Takes a Huge Hit in NY

By - July 10, 2014

The blackout that struck the Northeastern region of the United States in 2003 left 50 million people without power. Initially, the blackout was caused by a few high-voltage power lines shutting down after touching some overgrown trees. And thanks to…

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How to Safely Hunt Down Yield in Energy

By - July 9, 2014

The search for yield isn’t getting any easier. And that won’t change as long as global economies continue to demonstrate anemic growth. The United States is growing at about 2% – and that’s the fastest of the developed nations. Indeed, Europe is…

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BP Upgraded to “Strong Buy” After CNOOC Deal

By - July 2, 2014

I’ve been a strong proponent of owning British Petroleum (BP) shares for quite some time. With good reason… With a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 10.71, the stock is still relatively cheap when compared to BP’s peers (13). And the company still pays…

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Uganda Signs Major Deal With 3 Companies

By - July 1, 2014

In February, the Ugandan Ministry of Energy signed a deal with three oil companies to develop its petroleum reserves. Two of the companies are major players: France’s Total (TOT) and CNOOC (CEO). The third is a lesser-known company, Tullow Oil (TLW.L). We’ve actually featured the UK-based explorer…

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